Looking for FHS Time Capsules

they were buried around the school grounds
Were they ever dug up? What was in them?
OR.... are they still there? Does any one remember where they were buried?
If they are still there, isn't it time to get them!!
I've had several emails, someone said they remembered them:
around the goal post on the football field
another says, by the big tree out front
Any one else remember?? ...... let us hear from you!

I have had a lot of ideas from the FHS Buffs Facebook page. Seems everyone remembers them, but not sure where. If they are by the flag poles, where? was there a point of intrest? like 4ft NE of the flag pole, or 2ft south? There has to be someone out there that remembers :-)

There have been besides my son and I, others with metal detectors looking with no luck, there is just too wide of an area to search

Please send ANY information you have to: beth@fhsbuffs.com

Time Capsules around Beaumont

Students at what was then the South Park School filled a small metal box with tokens and trinkets and sealed it within the cornerstone of their school, leaving it to drift forward through time like a message in a bottle. That time capsule, sealed 93 years ago, was recovered eight years ago during the demolition of what became Pietzch-MacArthur Elementary School, according to The Enterprise's archives. This time capsule, one of many buried by Southeast Texans in the decades, contained a list of the 1,040 pupils and their instructors, as well as a letter made illegible by time's withering hands, a photograph of the school, coins, a children's book and a newspaper clipping from the Beaumont Journal. This capsule and others were committed to the earth's trust as a means to bridge the past and present. Oftentimes, these capsules are opened at the beginning of the new year, a time when people tend to reflect on the past and the trip across time is generally less than the 93 years that separated the South Park students from their capsule's recipients. Sometimes, capsules are made from sturdier materials than the metal box recovered from the school.

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