Big Bill Sightings

"BIG BILL" will come visit your class reunion!

Big Bill having fun at several reunions

Bill Bill @ the '65 Reunion

Beth & Big Bill @ '70 Reunion

Big Bill reading the Examiner in 2004!

Big Bill (Beth), Carol, Becky, Kathy,
Shirley and Dwain visited Santa at Parkdale Mall!

Big Bill and his helpers were also on Channel 4 news :-)

Big Bill getting the low down on the weather :-)

Santa was telling Big Bill to "behave"

Big Bill - looking for a ride on Calder *lol*

Poor Big Bill has no home!

Margart Lockhart Devillier & Big Bill's visit on Channel 12

Big Bill was seen cruisn' 11th Street.
Big Bill was even seen riding
on the back of Mike's Motorcycle. What a HOOT!!
It was great seeing the expressions on every ones face
and hearing "GO BUFFS!"
Michael Leach class of '72, Thank you for a great time.

Is that a SLOT MACHINE Big Bill? LOL

Big Bill @ For All Occasions with Neesie Schaffer c/o '78
Big Bill covering his ears! Something Benny Delaney c/o '74 said??

Big Bill was seen at the Pig Stand on Calder with a LOT of Alumni.
Jim Mauer c/o '55, Mack Golson c/o '54, Carl Anderson c/o '53, Graham Griffin c/o '53, Cecil Royse c/o '53, Jimmy Suggs c/o '53,
Eugene Pruitt c/o '47, & Don Willett c/o '53

Ron Eller c/o '63@ The Early Bird Cafe - Looks like Big Bill isn't as young as he use to be!
Thank you to the Early Bird Cafe and the Pig Stand
for having us today. It was so much fun seeing everyones reaction
to Big Bill. Thank you Benny Delaney c/o' 74 and Ron Eller c/o '63 for your help!

BB riding around Parkdale Mall parking lot with:
Benny c/o '74, Carol c/o '79 & Pasty - a GREENIE!! taking the pic.

Lunch with the teachers -- BB chatting with Mrs Beattie and Annie Lee Knox