Class of 1965 -- 50th Reunion was held Sept. 25th & 26th 2015




Misc. PAST reunion photos

Class of '65 - 40th reunion By: Becky Menear England

Our reunion was held at the Elegante Hotel. For those who have never been there, let me tell you that Elegante is an appropriate name. It is quite elegant!
We started out on Friday night by the beautiful pool! Tables were lit with candles and the mood was relaxed and cozy. Everyone mingled and got caught up on what everyone has been doing. The food was delicious! A fajita buffet! MMMM GOOOD! I think all of us enjoyed that. Nancy Hunt Boggan had a display on her laptop computer of past reunions and a few pictures from high school. Katheryn Husband Mevers created a great poster honoring our classmates who have passed on. These two ladies worked very hard finding classmates who have been on our lost list. They did such a good job. Things kind of wound down around 11 p.m..
Saturday, things started early for some, who decorated the banquet room for our dinner - dance that night. I heard there was a rehersal at one for "The Red Hot Flashers". Hmmm. That sounded interesting! We all started to arrive about 6:30 p.m.. The room was decorated with orange & white baloons. Great idea, but the helium was beginning to leave the balloons. We had balloons drifting from table to table "visiting". That would be great except for the fact that some of us 60 year olds aren't too prepared for something sneaking up behind us and landing on our shoulders! Somebody please get the resuscitator!!! Just kidding! Dinner had a cajun theme. Ohhhh! The crawfish etouffee was wonderful! I think my favorite thing was the hot peach cobbler though! There went my diet! Oh, well, it was worth it!
After dinner was the entertainment. First, Connie Farque Carter started it off by singing "Goodbye Joe". Connie tells people,"I didn't say I could sing, I said I do sing". Well let me tell you, the lady can sing! And very well I might add!
Next, Chuck Hollis read a poem called,(brace yourself) "I Just Don't Look Good Naked Any More"! Very funny and probably true of most of us! The entertainment highlight came with that fabulous group "The Red Hot Flashers"!These "ladies" came out strutting, feather boas included! They danced to several oldies tunes telling the story of our youth from our high school days to more modern times. We were impressed!
After the entertainment came the dancing. Let me tell you, the music was so great! There was everything from slow romantic songs, to a lively polka, and line dancing to" The Harlem Shuffle". Just the best! Gwen Asbury Speed just never seems to age! She is still as beautiful as ever and just graced us all with her dancing. She and Katheryn's husband, Les, danced a mean Polka! The party was still going on (though not as strong) when I left around midnight. Just goes to show you that age is just a state of mind!

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