Classes of '41 - '51

The classes of '41 through '51 had their reunion
at the Harvest Club, Saturday, April 12, 2008
They invited me to come set up a table of FHSAA items and memorabilia.
We met Friday evening and set things up and everyone was so nice.
I got about there Sat. morning about 8:30am, ( I still had a few things I needed to set up.)

Alumni started arriving about 10:00am and the crowd grew and grew.
It was really nice to be included with this elete group of alumni!

Some of the cheerleaders lead the crowd in the school song!

We could all learn something from this wonderful group!
They visited, they made anouncements,
they honored several alumni from the early 30's,
they ate, they visited more while they listened to music ( some danced )
and then it slowly starting coming to a end.

The alumni honored were:

      Ruth Beard class of 1931 --------------------- Grace DeMary class of 1935

      Helen Odom class of 1939 --------------------- Betty Faggard class of 1939

Above is a picture of the class of '39 10 year reunion, given to me by Helen Odom,
Helen is sitting in first chair on the bottom left!

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