FHS Memorabilia Page
Enjoy a walk down memory lane!

Flag donated by: Sherrie Haussner Travers '65.
The Buffalo Mascot was donated by Nolan Andrus & Kitty Boykin

I found this banner at a flea market!

Lynne Brown '69 donated her dad's FHS letter sweater.
Zack Brown was class of 1945

The first glass was loaded to me by Bobby Ray II
The orange mug was donated by John Dooley
Mr. Dooley was Booster Present at FHS for many years!

The football rain jacket was give to me by Kent Shaffer '74
And the FHS Jacket, I bought from an ad in the Enterprise for $55.00

I'm sorry, I forgot who donated the cushion.
The round pins were some of the memorabilia donated by Mr. Dooley
The football pin was given to me by Mrs. Beatie

More memorabilia donated by Mr. Dooley

Trophies we saved from being thrown away!!

Misc memorabilia

Some Misc. Tee- Shirts also donated by Mr.Dooley

Programs with the ticket stubs and the score written on them by Mr. Dooley
Also a couple of sweat-shirts

Glasses & mugs from Mr. Dooley

FHS Sweater

Poor Buffy! I found him at a flea market on MLK for $3.00


The 2 dresses are class of '79 "Friday Dresses"
they belong to Carol Derousell '79

Tom Hogan's '70, Jacket


IF you have some memorabilia, please send me pictures so I can put them on the page..
Thank you to everyone that has donated things. Also if you have any thing to donate...Please email me :-)
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