The Memorial Index Page

We laughed with you, we cried with you
We spent our days growing up with you
Now and forever, we remember you!

To the classmates who have gone before us, we dedicate these pages to their memory...
They are gone, but not forgotten.

The Empty Chair

    We gather here, a class once more, To reminiscence, like years before, Upon the days and joys we knew, before our school-aged time was through, Yet, as we meet, with memories near, We think of those, always held dear, Our friends and classmates - passed away, To be with God, every school day. They sit at desks, resting on clouds, Surrounded by angelic crowds, where they shall be forevermore. The friends and schoolmates we adore, they will be with us in every prayer. Until the day, we join them there, within the walls of Heavens class, Where friendships formed shall always last. Until that hour, we join again. An empty chair, we will maintain, In honor of the life-long bond we forged with those now passed beyond. The friends with whom we learned lifes truth, Whose bonds lasted far from our youth, And shall remain forever near,
    When we gather - year after year.

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    If for some reason you do not want an obit, cause of death or even a name on
    the memorial page, please email me, Beth @:
    I apologize for any hurt I may cause the family..

    NOTE: All the names listed are from other alumni, family and friends.
    Most names were taken from reunion hand books. Cause of death is not listed on some of them, because it was not given to me. Last week some one e-mailed me that I had someone listed that was alive and well. I am SO SORRY for any pain or suffering this may have caused. I have no true way of varifying this information. If you see or know any information on this page to be false.
    PLEASE let me know or if you know cause of death I will add that too.
    I did the Memorial page as a way to remember our lost alumni.
    Not to cause hurt or cause pain to any one.
    My deepest sympathy to all the families of our deceased alumni.
    Thank you, Beth