French High School - Beaumont, Texas 1927 - 1986
6th Annual Mass Reunion 2005

Click on the links to read and see pictures about each event. (bare with me as I have not completed each link.)But I wanted to get what I've done posted!

The 6th annual mass reunion was a huge success. We had a lot of PR with TV appearances. Margart Lockhart Devillier was our spokes person this year and we went on Channel 12. We also, long with others made an appearance on Channel 4. I was on live with Al Caldwell on KLVI and again with Joey Armstrong's Oldies, Cool 92.5! Richard Tinkle, Sunshine Nursery sponsored a nice ad in the Beaumont Enterprise. I even made the front page of the Beaumont Journal and Sunday Enterprise with my Papier Mache principals.

Before we knew it, the weekend was here and our work was cut out for us.
Ron Eller, Mike; my son, and I got to the school about 2:00pm on Friday March 4th and started with decorations. We couldn't get in the school till after 3pm so we put up a tent/shelter at the back door so everyone would know where to enter later that evening. Christmas lights were hung around the shelter for safty reasons. My van, Ron's car and my son's 18 wheeler cab was packed full. As we were unloading the cars alumni started arriving to help. Table decorations were set out and other decorations put up, banners were hung and we worked on setting up my "men", the papier mache principals. The desert and drink tables were set up, things looked great. Just in the nic' of time too. People started to arrive for the spaghetti dinner. They walked the halls, visited with old friends and enjoyed the food. The cafertia was packed. It was hard to find an empty seat. Dr. Malcolm Rector was there Friday night and we had the honor of having him speak for a few minutes. What a pleasure it was to have him and his wife there.

We served about 130 plates. About 9pm things started to wind down and we cleaned up to get ready for Saturday. It was a long, but wonderful start to our 6th annual mass reunion.


4:00am rolled around way too early, but my son and I were up and ready to go. Shipley's on 11th Street, donated donuts for my work crew so after we stopped by there we were off to the school.
We got to the school about 6:30AM and waited for the pallets to be delivered. This year we had to buy the pallets from M & T. In the past they had been donated. Donald and Derold Shackleford; Shackelford Roofing were out there bright and early with the fork lift and man power to unload the pallets. Ron got there early to help and was on the go locating things we had forgotten! John Taylor arrived with the bull dozer and began to dig the hole for the pallets. With that under way Ron, Mike and I started working inside. Table decorations were set back out and other decorations taken care of.

Mike, Ron and I helped the D.J., Billy Rohwetter, get set upwhile others helped in the cafeteria. Jennifer and Steve arrived with the coffee and tea pot, Don Etheridge brought in the wonderful cakes, Becky and her sisters brought in home made cookies, cars started arriving for the 1st annual alumni classic car show. L.B. Little and Glen McClammy did a great job handling the show! The food wagon/BBQ, Jimmy McKeller's Smoking Ashes arrived and things were underway!
Music filled the air and memories filled our hearts.
I was thrilled that every thing came together so well.
Food and drinks were set up in the cafeteria. Randy Welborn had a nice display and Glen Morrison set up to to take group pictures with Big Bill II. Dwain Cox and others made the rounds taking candid shots.
A big screen tv was delivered (late) and the FHS Theater was set up. Though it wasn't used as much as I would have liked. Slides and VHS movies were shown. It was first decided to be set up in the hall, but with the school being used by Smith too, it wasn't possible. I think in the future it will be a great addition to the reunions.

The class banners in the halls were a huge success, they were worth all the long hours and hard work.

We were able to have Big Bill II there again this year, Billy Claven secured and delived him to FHS, but we unable to have Big Bill I there again for the 3rd year. I hope this problem will be settled soon.

Alumni, family and friends reminised over the banners and cars. The Papier Mache Principals were a big hit, the silent auction was underway and alumni browsed the few class tables that were set up!. This year the association bought most of the items for the silent auction and not a lot of money was raised but the bidding was furious.
Also this year we started the full scale FHS Alumni Association with yearly dues to help defray the cost of the mass runions and other expenses. We had about 25 alumni sign up.

There were several class tables and displays. Even though some of the other confirmed displays didn't show there was still a lot to see.

Ezra Charles opened our program in the cafeteria with some great music and let us use his mics for announcements.
Dr. Rector was guest speaker, Jim Boone was unable to attend due to illness and and extended his apologies to everyone.Others were due, but couldnt make it, but Dr. Rector filled in their places and was an awesome speaker. He reconized the staff that were there and talked about FHS. Annoucements were made and we were though with the program a little earlier than expected. I made an annoucement to visit a while and then we would get the bonfire underway about 7:30. But before I knew it someone came in and told me the fire had already been started. I hated that I, along with others missed this. I worked too hard to have missed the lighting of the fire.
I believe this was due to no communications, not attending the meetings and knowing the schedule. I hope that in the future we can get more involoved, with better meetings and attendance.
It was even sugested that a class or classes having their reunions that same year "host" the mass reunion. THAT would be a wonderful and take the hardest work load off the few that do all the work.
I planned to scheldue a meeting as soon as I get my house back in order. After my son left Monday morning he was on the road, he drives a truck and was in a small north/west Texas town, Seymour, got real sick, he was rushed to the ER and admited for a week. I drove up Tuesady morning to be with him. I spent a week sleeping in a recliner. He is doing better now and will be back to work this week.
My house is finally back to "normal", I still have constant updates to do on the page though. So please bare with me as I try to catch up.
Check the website for the next FHSAA meeting to bring everyone up to date.

All in all this years mass reunion was a HUGE SUCCESS. I was able to visit some and enjoy the sucess. As with each year, I learn a lot, what works and what doesn't. All this, we will talk about at the next meeting.

I want to thank every one that helped in any way, big or small. I've said it before, it takes a lot of work and we couldn't do it without all of you. Even those that just come out and enjoyed the memeories. Without you.... it would be fruitless. THANK YOU!

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