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            Barney '60

    Pat Harder Barney '60
    senior year!

    Pat was nominated for her
    outstanding FHS SPIRIT!

    Pat was nominated by Herman Weber.

    "I would like to nominate
    Patricia Harder Barney for the award.
    Pat volunteered to help me compile and verify the
    class roster for our 50th reunion.
    Pat spent countless hours doing internet research
    and "googling" of directories, obituaries,
    tax roles, public records and ancestry records;
    making phone calls to classmates and their relatives;
    writing letters and whatever else it took
    (including, we suspect, a little magic)
    to locate 98% of the approximate 235 classmates.
    Some of the people found had not been heard from since
    graduation over 50 years ago. One classmate's passing
    was verified by tracking her though an aunt's obituary
    which contained the aunt's sister's name, whose obituary
    named the classmate as a relative. The aunt's sister's
    son was able to verify the classmate's death.
    Another classmate asked Pat,
    "How on earth did you find me?"
    Pat did an amazing job and
    throught it showed her FHS Spirit."

    Thank you
    for your dedication to FHS
    You deserve to be HONORED!

    Nominated by: Herman Weber

    I met and married my husband John Barney,
    Class of 1955 Beaumont High in 1963.

    We had two children;
    Deb Tremper and John Mark.

    Since my husband's death in 1986,
    I have lived in Vidor and had registered child care
    in my home. I retired in 2005.

    Currently, I am specializing in loving and
    caring for my granddaughter Josie.
    I have a grandson Chris in Virginia.

    My other hobbies are spending
    time on my computer, cooking, gardening
    (roses especially) and reading.

    Pat said: "The reunion was a group effort.
    Herman Weber was a great help in creating
    the data base and Ann Hunt Pipes
    also helped in the search.
    Tommie Bailey Mills did an excellent job
    putting together the memorial service.
    Ruth Willard Aubey had a coffee in her home.
    Nathan Cross handled the finances.
    Others on the central committee were
    Tommy Allison and Donnie Landrum.
    Ann Pipes came over from Houston and took me
    to all the meetings".

    Pat was awarded the
    Private Eye Award
    at the class reunion

    "Pat, we are all ONE HERD TOGETHER,
    it takes all of us to make it all work!
    Some just do a little more :-)" Beth

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