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          Scarborough '66

    Peggy's younger years!

    Peggy was nominated for her true
    When I first started the FHS
    website, '86 right after my stroke,
    I wrote backwards &
    had a lot of "mistakes" on the page's.
    I'd taken the page off-line
    a number of times because of it!
    THEN along came Peggy,
    She gave of her time,
    encouraged me to keep the page going.
    She proof read my page's
    before I would publish them.
    It's because of Peggy
    helping me though the years,
    that it continued to stay online!
    She is a dear and true friend
    and always there for anyone.
    "I know I pestered you to death
    in the begining
    But I'm so thankful for you"

    Thank you for caring,
    for your patience with me, &
    for helping keep FHS on the web!
    (((( HUGS)))
    You deserve to be HONORED!

    Nominated by: Beth Segree

    After living and teaching in Silsbee, TX. for 35 plus years,
    Peggy & Ron sold their family business, home, retired from the rat-race
    and now live in Sun City, a retirement community, in Georgetown, TX.

    She married Ron Scarborough and they recently celebrated
    their 43rd anniversary.
    Peggy & Ron have 3 daughters living in the vicinity
    of Austin, Hutto, and Leander, TX;
    just close and far enough not to cramp their style. :)( her words.. lol)

    They are enjoying being grandparents!
    Peggy stays active volunteering for their elementary school,
    some traveling, and planning their neighborhood parties.

    Peggy said; "she had the privilege to be one of the many
    to plan their class reunions.
    & have so much fun reconnecting with classmates".
    She was excited to be drafted again to work on the 50th.

    You can find Peggy on Facebook with many other FHS Buffs.


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