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Ron Eller
      Class of '63

    Ron Eller '63

    Ron Eller's younger years!

    Ron was nominated for his
    FHS SPIRIT and big heart.
    Ron was always there to help
    with the past Mass Reunion,
    making signs, phone calls, printing photos
    and @ the FHS garage sale!
    He gives his time,
    money and heart to see that
    we had the help we need.
    Ron, thank you for caring!
    You deserve to be not only in the spotlight
    But HONORED too!

    Nominated by: Beth Segree

    Ron has lived in the Beaumont area most of his life. Had a short stay
    at Texas A & M and hung around Lamar University
    until he went into the Air Force in 1966. He married a South Park girl,
    ( Karen) he met while working part-time for Sears while going to Lamar.

    They have lived in the South Park area since 1971. He worked 6 years for
    the Texas Air National Guard. Worked at the large Mobil Oil Refinery
    in Beaumont for 30 years. After Exxon took over it wasn't the same place
    so he knew it was time to retire. He said he has enjoyed as little as
    possible since he retired. He loves playing with his Cannon Rebel.
    He enjoys cooler weather, especially when a cold front is blowing in.
    On cold nights he will often fix a hot cup of coco and sit on his back porch and
    listen to the sound of machinery from Mobil making music in the night air.

    If itís early morning you can catch him doing the same but with
    a cup of hot tea or coffee. He enjoys doing research on family history.
    He says itís time consuming, but learning about the past has itís own rewards.

    Things he also enjoys but doesn't do too often anymore are Camping,
    Fishing, or limited hunting.
    He said "Wouldn't think of going in the woods these days with all the city hunters.
    You know, those guys who shot a horse, thinking itís a big buck.
    Like the farmer once told the hunter, Look guy you can keep the deer,
    just let me get my saddle off him first."

    He enjoys reunions, family, school or church. Working on the FHS Alumni Mass Reunion
    and said the Bon Fires have been a real hoot.
    He also wishes his class reunions would come along more often than every 10 years.

    Since he retired he has found that he loves to cook and to experiment with recipes. He enjoys curling up with a good book and reading from time to time.

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