Alumni Night Out!

      B = Buffalos
      U = Uniting
      F = Faculty
      F = Friends
      A = Alumni
      L = Living Proof
      O = Orange & White

      On the 2nd Saturday of said months.
      Just a night out to eat,
      drink, relax, laugh and
      visit old friends.
      It's for anyone that went to French.
      even if you can't stay!
      drop by and say hello :-)
      Spouses are very welcome!

Come out & be part of the "HERD"!
It doesn't matter what year, or how long you attended FHS,
you are still part of the "herd", so come join us for a night of fun!
you don't have to eat, come have a drink and say hi, we have a wide range of classes that join us.

Please note, it's DUTCH....
you pay for what you eat and drink + tip!
Come join the FUN!

2019 Night Outs

    Jan. - Our 1st night out was at Whataburger
    Feb. 9th-
    March 9th -
    April 13th-
    May 11th
    June 8th
    July 13th
    Aug. 10th
    Sept. 14th
    Oct. 12th
    Nov. 9th

"please help me show gratitude to the restaurants for having a large group.
Tip our wait staff an extra dollar or two and thank them for having us there, it goes a long way in future visits :-)
Most of restaurants DON'T charge me for the reservations.
I also try to give them a little extra when I have for handling us so well..
thank you".

You were seen at one of our night outs!

2018 went by in a blur.


2017 Night Outs

    Jan. - Our 1st night out was at Mazzio's
    Feb. - Tony's BBQ - Bmt.
    March - Joe's Crab Shack! ( really mixed up night )
    April 8th-

    April was the beginning of my long 2 year battle with the shingles.
    I want to thank Carol for stepping in and taking over the night outs.
    May 13th
    June 10th
    July 8th
    Aug. 12th
    Sept. 9th
    Oct. 14th
    Nov. 11th


      Feb. 13th @ Tony's BBQ
      March 12th @ Guadalajara's
      April 9th @Blackeyed Pea
      May 14th @ Catfish Cabin ( Lumberton )
      June - we took off
      July we took off
      August 13th @ Tonys,- it was a wet wet start up
      Sept. we were at Guadalajara's
      Oct. Brazos Cattle Company
      Dec. Off again.


      Jan. - we didn't meet in Jan.
      Feb. - Tony's BBQ
      March -
      April -
      May -
      June -
      July -
      August - Tony's BBQ
      Sept. - we didn't meet
      Oct. - Mazzio's
      Nov. - Vautrot's Cajun Cuisine
      Dec. - no Night Out--


      Dec. - we took off for Dec.
      Nov. -
      Sept. - Boomtown BBQ
      August - Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant
      July - Black-eyed Pea
      June - Fuddruckers
      May - took off for Mothers Day
      March - Tony's BBQ
      Feb. - Catfish Kitchen on College
      Jan. - French Quarter Bar & Grill, (Vidor)


      Dec.-- Black-eyed Pea
      Nov.-- Guadalajara
      Oct. -- Catfish Cabin and Magic Yogurt
      Sept. -- Fuddruckers
      August -- Tony's BBQ
      July -- Mazzio's
      June -- Black Eyed-pea
      May -- Jasons Deli
      April -- Tony's BBQ
      March-- Fuddrukers
      FEB. --The Black-eyed Pea
      Jan.-- Chula Vista


      Dec.-- Christmas @ Catfish Kitchen.
      We had a scavenger hunt and it was awesome! The winners were:

      ------ Pat ------------------- James ----------------- Ed, Kay, Cheryl, and Kitty

      Nov.-- Chula Vista's.
      Oct.-- JACKKS
      Sept.-- Sartins
      August -- Cattle Co.
      July -- J.A.K.K.S. (old Willie Rays)
      June -- Chula Vista
      May -- Mazzios
      April -- Chula Vista's
      March -- Cattle Co.
      Feb. -- Logans Road House
      Jan. -- Catfish Kitchen


      Dec. ---- Chula Vista's
      Nov. ---- Willy Rays BBQ
      Oct. ---- Mazzio's
      Sept. ---- Chula Vista's
      August ---- The Olive Garden
      July ---- The Cattle Co. ---- July photos
      June ---- Joe's Crab Shack
      May ---- Lone Star Caf´┐Ż -- May Photos
      April ---- Mazzios
      March ---- Starvin Marvins
      Feb. ---- Starvin Marvins
      Jan. ---- Starvin Marvins


      December - was @ Lone Star Steakhouse ( old J&J )
      Click here to see photos!
      November - was @ Major League Grill On Dowlen
      Click here to see photos!
      October - was @ Starvin Marvins on 11th
      Click here to see photos
      August - was @ Catfish Kitchen on College
      Click here to see photos
      July - was @ Chula Vista on 11th
      Click here to see photos
      June - was @ Lone Star Cafe
      Click here to see photos
      Our first 2 Night Outs were in April and May ( 2010 ) at Mazzio's.