Alumni Night Out!

      B = Buffalos
      U = Uniting
      F = Faculty
      F = Friends
      A = Alumni
      L = Living Proof
      O = Orange & White

      On the 2nd Saturday of said months.
      Just a night out to eat,
      drink, relax, laugh and
      visit old friends.
      It's for anyone that went to French.
      even if you can't stay!
      drop by and say hello :-)
      Spouses are very welcome!

Come out & be part of the "HERD"!
It doesn't matter what year, or how long you attended FHS,
you are still part of the "herd", so come join us for a night of fun!
you don't have to eat, come have a drink and say hi, we have a wide range of classes that join us.

Please note, it's DUTCH....
you pay for what you eat and drink + tip!
Come join the FUN!

2017 Night Outs

    Jan. - Our 1st night out was at Mazzio's
    Feb. - Tony's BBQ - Bmt.
    March - Joe's Crab Shack! ( really mixed up night )
    April 8th- coming soon!
    May 13th
    June 10th
    July 8th
    Aug. 12th
    Sept. 9th
    Oct. 14th
    Nov. 11th
    Dec. taking off for Christmas

If you would like to be on the email reminder list for the Night Outs,
please send me your name, class and email address to: Beth@fhsbuffs.com. Kathy Husband Mevers '65 sends out a notice every month for the group!
"please help me show gratitude to the restaurants for having a large group.
Tip our wait staff an extra dollar or two and thank them for having us there, it goes a long way in future visits :-)
Most of restaurants DON'T charge me for the reservations.
I also try to give them a little extra when I have for handling us so well..
thank you".

You were seen at one of our night outs!

    Feb. 13th @ Tony's BBQ
    March 12th @ Guadalajara's
    April 9th @Blackeyed Pea
    May 14th @ Catfish Cabin ( Lumberton )
    June - we took off
    July we took off
    August 13th @ Tonys,- it was a wet wet start up
    Sept. we were at Guadalajara's
    Oct. Brazos Cattle Company
    Dec. Off again.


    Jan. - we didn't meet in Jan.
    Feb. - Tony's BBQ
    March -
    April -
    May -
    June -
    July -
    August - Tony's BBQ
    Sept. - we didn't meet
    Oct. - Mazzio's
    Nov. - Vautrot's Cajun Cuisine
    Dec. - no Night Out--


    Dec. - we took off for Dec.
    Nov. -
    Sept. - Boomtown BBQ
    August - Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant
    July - Black-eyed Pea
    June - Fuddruckers
    May - took off for Mothers Day
    March - Tony's BBQ
    Feb. - Catfish Kitchen on College
    Jan. - French Quarter Bar & Grill, (Vidor)


    Dec.-- Black-eyed Pea
    Nov.-- Guadalajara
    Oct. -- Catfish Cabin and Magic Yogurt
    Sept. -- Fuddruckers
    August -- Tony's BBQ
    July -- Mazzio's
    June -- Black Eyed-pea
    May -- Jasons Deli
    April -- Tony's BBQ
    March-- Fuddrukers
    FEB. --The Black-eyed Pea
    Jan.-- Chula Vista


    Dec.-- Christmas @ Catfish Kitchen.
    We had a scavenger hunt and it was awesome! The winners were:

    ------ Pat ------------------- James ----------------- Ed, Kay, Cheryl, and Kitty

    Nov.-- Chula Vista's.
    Oct.-- JACKKS
    Sept.-- Sartins
    August -- Cattle Co.
    July -- J.A.K.K.S. (old Willie Rays)
    June -- Chula Vista
    May -- Mazzios
    April -- Chula Vista's
    March -- Cattle Co.
    Feb. -- Logans Road House
    Jan. -- Catfish Kitchen


    Dec. ---- Chula Vista's
    Nov. ---- Willy Rays BBQ
    Oct. ---- Mazzio's
    Sept. ---- Chula Vista's
    August ---- The Olive Garden
    July ---- The Cattle Co. ---- July photos
    June ---- Joe's Crab Shack
    May ---- Lone Star Café -- May Photos
    April ---- Mazzios
    March ---- Starvin Marvins
    Feb. ---- Starvin Marvins
    Jan. ---- Starvin Marvins


    December - was @ Lone Star Steakhouse ( old J&J )
    Click here to see photos!
    November - was @ Major League Grill On Dowlen
    Click here to see photos!
    October - was @ Starvin Marvins on 11th
    Click here to see photos
    August - was @ Catfish Kitchen on College
    Click here to see photos
    July - was @ Chula Vista on 11th
    Click here to see photos
    June - was @ Lone Star Cafe
    Click here to see photos
    Our first 2 Night Outs were in April and May ( 2010 ) at Mazzio's.