FHS 's Damage from Ike!


Ron Eller and I went to Smith Middle School ( FHS! ) and looked at the damage. I knew just by driving by that it was hit really hard, but never dreamed it was so bad! The pictures don't show the true damage! The auditorium was destroyed when they lost the roof and everything got wet, as well as the rest of the school. As you can see in the pictures and those of you that have driven by French lately, they are holding class's in portable buildings.
It was really sad standing in the middle of the auditorium and looking around. They will rebuild and I know it will be better than ever. But the memories came rushing back, of a time gone by. The buffalo heads are still on the walls next to the stage!
The school will be going through a major renovation this summer and I'm excited to see the changes.( was excited till I saw the new outside color - April 2010 - I KNOW its the Jr Buff's colors but yuck! )
On a different note, Smith Middle School is now a Science and Medical Magnet School!
I hope you enjoy the pictures ( even as sad as they are) and have good memories of "our" days at FHS!

Lots of pictures, may load slow, depending on your connection!

FHS was hit hard again


Auditorium ( front and back view )

Auditorium ceiling and stage

Back of stage and Beth standing in the middle of the auditorium!

One of the damaged class rooms & the cafeteria

The show cases and the PTA sign in the hall :-)

"new class rooms!"

The new Science Building and new magnet sign

Repairs being done to FHS :-)

Work on FHS


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