FHS, Beaumont & Texas Trivia Questions

Most all of the Questions and ANSWERS were taken from the old Bmt., Game; "BEAUMONT TRIVOPOLY".
Some are silly from me to "throw" you off guard :-)

  1. What was the name of the drug store located on the corner of Crockett and Pearl?
  2. In what year did the Lucas Gusher blow?
  3. On what street was the Grapette Bottling Co.?
  4. In what year was the new Civic Center opened?
  5. Name the country singer who graduated from SPHS in 1922, and later won a Academy Award for the theme song in the movie High Noon?
  6. What year did Parkdale Mall open?
  7. Before Interstate 10, what highway ran through Beaumont?
  8. After the Dixie Hotel closed, its name was changed to what?
  9. In 1978, Beaumont was named the town with the most potential for future growth in the entire country, BY what magazine?
  10. Who became Beaumont's first black Judge when he took office July 9, 1980?
  11. Name Beaumont's first "ELEGANT" theater designed exclusively for showing MOTION PICTURES!
  12. What year did St. Elizabeth Hospital open?
  13. Often called a Palace of Culture, was what opera house?
  14. John J. and Sally French moved to Beaumont from what state?
  15. Where was the 1st McDonalds located?
  16. What is Flores Creek know as today?
  17. Which family estate donated the property for the Art Museum?
  18. In 1973, the National Football League named Beaumont as what capital?
  19. In what theater did Beaumont's first sound movie; Glorious Betsy; play?
  20. What lumber company put Beaumont on the map as an internationally important lumber town; known then as Kirby Lumber?
  21. The Kansas City Southern train terminal was located on what street?
  22. On what corner was the old Crescent Market?
  23. In what year did Beaumont High School merge with Charlton Pollard?
  24. A mother and father have six sons and each son has one sister. How many people are in that family?
  25. What street was Up Your Alley originally located?
  26. Who was the first Bishop of Beaumont?
  27. What year did the John J. French museum open?
  28. Beaumont has been the seat of Jefferson Co., since 1883, since that time how many courthouses has Beaumont had?
  29. Black Cat Restaurant, The Rose Room, and Port o' Call and Peacock Alley evoke nostalgic memories of what building?
  30. What was once known as the "Castle on the Neches?
  31. Who was the priestess of the Dixie Hotel?
  32. What was the name given to the Oak tree marking the beginning of a path known as Lovers Lane?
  33. Name the first steam laundry in Beaumont - 1890!
  34. What were the "Roughnecks" known for?
  35. What Judge ordered desegregation for the entire school district in September 1981?
  36. What year was Gladys City reconstruction complete?
  37. What was the name of the Jewish Synagogue located on Broadway?
  38. Name the one governor that our city produced.( a question came up on this answer... Actually this governor owned the Beaumont Enterprise.. Not sure he ever lived here!)
  39. On Oct. 31, 1929 what quadruplets drew worldwide attention when they were born in Beaumont?
  40. What company is the oldest continuously operated business in Jefferson County?
  41. What family controls the Beaumont Rice Mills?
  42. What stadium did the Golden Gators play?
  43. Old Jasper Road is now know as what street?
  44. Organized in 1942, by Eloise Miliam, what was the name of the group known for Beaumont's Goodwill Ambassadors?
  45. If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?
  46. In 1974 what center was built on Interstate 10 at Walden Road?
  47. What was the original name of Kelly High School?
  48. What did boxing and Carlos Restaurant have in common?
  49. The Crosby Hotel was originally called what?
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