FHS, Beaumont & Texas Trivia Questions
Just For Fun!

Most all of the Questions and ANSWERS were taken from the old Bmt.,
Some are silly from me to "throw" you off guard :-)

  1. What year did FISD merge with BISD?
  2. What 3 industries have been responsible for Beaumont's boom times?
  3. When SP Junior College was renamed Lamar College in 1932, what was the name of the football team that later became the Cardinals?
  4. How can you say Rabbit without the letter R?
  5. Who sang "Pretty Little Lady from Beaumont Texas"?
  6. Name the 4 Rogers Brothers.
  7. What was Hotel Dieu?
  8. What kind of clock is crazy?
  9. What year was the First Neches River Festival?
  10. What year was Gateway Shopping Center opened?
  11. What 2 clubs merged in 1922 occupying more then half of the 10th floor of Hotel Beaumont?
  12. Where was the Organ Club held?
  13. What did Washington become after his tenth birthday?
  14. What is the S.R. Marble noted for?
  15. Magnolia Petroleum Company is now known as what?
  16. Name the man who was famous for his "Frozen Dog" report heard on a morning radio show.
  17. As of 2004, what is the population of Beaumont?
  18. What were the FHS cheerleaders called in the 30's?
  19. What do the letters L.N.V.A. stand for?
  20. Why does a teacher wear sunglasses?
  21. What was the name of Beaumont's first bank?
  22. In 1923 Beaumont boasted the fourth largest clock in the U.S. In what building was it located?
  23. It happens once in a minute, twice in a week and once in a year. What is it?
  24. Who is the Federal Building named after?
  25. What does the B. in Mirabeau B. Lamar stand for?
  26. What were the early FHS year books called before it was the Buffalo?
  27. In 1922, what hotel opened boasting to be one of the 3 hotel in Texas to have air condition?
  28. What year did the FHS web site get started?
  29. In what year was the great April flood?
  30. What was the name of Beaumont's Paddle Boat?
  31. What was the name of Beaumont's first weekly newspaper?
  32. What word becomes longer when the 3rd letter is removed?
  33. Who is credited with naming Beaumont?
  34. What was the former name of Lamar University from 1949-1971?
  35. Opened in 1903, what hotel advertised primarily that it had "all the latest and best sanitary improvements"?
  36. Who was Lamar U. named after?
  37. In 1930, in a luncheon for the promotion of a forthcoming movie, who was the guest of honor?
  38. What was the name of Beaumont's first semi-pro baseball team? (formed about 1910)
  39. The area enclosed by Crockett, Jefferson, Bonham, and Trinity streets was known as what district?
  40. What park was Beaumont's only Zoo in?
  41. In the late 1930's, Beaumont had more of what per square mile than anywhere else in Texas?
  42. Where was the first Pig Stand located?
  43. How many letters are in the alphabet?
  44. What is the name of the school that is now housed in the Old FHS on Concord?
  45. The Temple to the Brave, dedicated to Texas heroes is located in what park?
  46. The Edson Hotel later housed what company?
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