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    From Nancy Boggan, class of '65
    I found out something interesting a while back. Suzanne asked a question a while back about the pep-squad name. I went over to my sister�s for lunch on Saturday and was asking her about it. My brother-in-law spoke up and asked, �You know who started the pep-squad, don�t you?� I said �No.� He said, �Your sister did!� She looked at me and was surprised I didn�t remember that. You have to know my sister and I are 5 years apart. She proceeded to tell me the story of how heart broken she was when she didn�t make the Bells. After several days of moping, my mother told her to join something else.

    When she started looking around at French for something else to join, she couldn�t find anything that interested her. I think my mother talked about a group they had at her high school (Orange, TX) that learned the cheers and sat in the bleachers in front of the cheerleaders. They would learn the cheers and help the cheerleaders teach the crowd the cheers. So my sister went to administration and got 2 sponsors and the Pep Squad was born. My sister, Ann Page Hunt, graduated in 1960, so that must have been around 1957-58.

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