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I started this page as a tribute
to our FHS Viet Nam Fallen Veterans.
But I couldn't in my heart and soul do a
Veterans Page
and not remember ALL servicemen
and women of all branches,
of all wars who served in order to keep our country free.
And to those who sacrificed their lives to make
America the greatest country in the world.
God Bless each of you.

Thank You

I'm not one to write poems, nor to express myself so openly, but I have to tell you, doing this page has brought a many a tear to my eyes. While searching for graphics for this page I came across so many names and stories of family members that were lost in the war.

You can't visit these pages and see the names of fathers, sons, brothers, friends and not feel the impact of the wars. So many lives lost.
58,000 members of our generation who left for Vietnam didn't come back alive. Nearly 2,000 are still listed as MIA's. And so many came back so emotionally wounded by their experiences that they will never fully recover.

I get a lump in my throat each time I read the names on The WALL,
when I pass the VA Cemetery, the VA Hospital or see our homeless veterans on the street.
This is my way of saying

a Special Thanks to all the servicemen and women who fought for

FHS Veterans

Class of '42

Norman L. Chase Jr - U.S. Army

Class of '44

Bob Meynig - U.S.M.C.

Class of '47

Tommy Day - U.S.M.C.

Class of '49

Richard Bess - U.S.A.F.

Class of '50

Raymond DD Barrow - U.S.M.C.
Jasper "Jake" Perello - U.S.A.F.
Bobby Riggs - U.S.A.F.
Allen Royse - U.S.A.F.
Kenneth "Stone" Wall - U.S.A.F.

Class of '52

Bill Pryne - U.S. Army
Donald Gene Kerr - U.S. Army

Class of '53

Carl Anderson - U.S.M.C.
Robert W. Crawford - U.S.M.C.
Raleigh E. Cunningham - U.S.M.C.
Bobby Franklin - U.S.M.C.
Glenn Green - U.S.M.C.
Graham Griffin - U.S.M.C.
David Goss - U.S.M.C.
Ross E. Jackson - U.S.M.C.
Cecil R. Royse - U.S.M.C.
Robert A. St. Clair - U.S.M.C.
Jimmy Suggs - U.S.M.C.
Rodney A. Traver - U.S.M.C.

Class of '54

James L. Allen - U.S. Army
Lt. Col. John N. Eller Jr. - US Air Force
Don Fishero - U.S.M.C.
Wesley E Jones - U.S.M.C.
Jerry Waldrop - U.S.A.F.

Class of '55

James "Pete" Langford - U.S.M.C.

Class of '56

George W. Bryant - U.S. Army
Roy Bailey - U.S.M.C.

Class of '57

Bobby Bourland - U.S. Army
Jimmy Broussard - U.S. Army
Bobby Carroll - U.S. Navy
Robert Earl Hamm - U.S. Army
Don Hegele - U.S. Army
Johnny French - U.S. Army
G.A. Matthews Jr. - U.S. Army
Gene Moulden - U.S. Army
Bruce Obannion - U.S. Army
Richard L. Smith - U.S. Army
Kendall Stockholm - U.S.M.C.
Charles Wilson U.S. Army

Class of '58

John Gayle Bruce - U. S. Army
Bobby Burford - U.S.A.F.
Roy DeLoach - U.S.A.F.
William H English - U.S. Navy
Ura A. Matthews, Jr. - U.S.A.F.
Lawrence Garfield - U.S.A.F.
Lawrence Morgan - U.S. Army
Robert J. Swain - U.S. Army

Class of '59

Curtis Allen - U.S.M.C.
Joe Bonura - U.S. Army
Lonnie Brown - U.S.M.C.
Nolan Campbell - U.S.Navy
John Chapman - U.S.M.C.
Milton Dominy - U.S.M.C.
Charles Frink - U.S. Army
Mack Hanson - U.S.M.C.
Howard Huff - U.S.M.C.
Herschel Irwin - U.S.M.C.
Hoy W. Kelley - U.S.M.C.
James Mathews - U.S.M.C.
Harvey McCraw - U.S.M.C.
Ron Ozzio - U.S.M.C.
Gale Parks - U.S.M.C.
Mason C. Scarborough - U.S.M.C.
David Shoemake - U.S. Army
Buddy Silvernail - U.S.M.C.
Robert Smith - U.S.M.C.
Bill Wiggins - U.S.A.F.

Class of '60

E. J. Bell - U. S. Army
John Bunte - U.S. Army
Nathan Cross - U.S. Army
Palmer Hall - U.S. Army
Larry Harvey - U.S. Army
Ralph Hoffpauir - U.S. Army
James (Jimmy) Johnson - U.S. Navy
Thomas C Karr - U.S. Navy
Irving Pierson - U.S.M.C.
Jack (Bo)Teague - U.S.A.F.
William Mike Langston - Army Reserves
Robert (Bob) Leonard - U.S.M.C.
David Madden - U. S. Army
Bernard (Sonny) Richardson - U.S. Army
Robert W. "Bobby" Rowe - U.S. Navy
J. C. Simpson - U.S. Army
Buster F Tindel - U.S.A.F.
Herman Weber - U.S. Navy

Class of '61

Marvin Hamm - U. S. Army
Rusty Howard - U.S.A.F.
Ray Jester - U.S.A.F. & U.S. Navy
Thomas (Tommy) Johnson - U.S.A.F.
Eugene J. "Gene" Pipes - U.S.C.G.
Bennie Gene Roberts - U.S. Army

Class of '62

Larry Glenn Buxton - U.S. Navy
Larry Davis - U.S. Navy
Glenn DeBartolo - U.S. Navy
Ray Garfield - U.S. Navy
Luke Latino, Jr. - U.S.A.F.
James McBroom - MSgt. U.S.M.C.
Berton Middleton - U.S.A.F.

Class of '63

Bob Anderson - U.S. Navy
Ron Eller - U.S.A.F.
Steve Fox - U.S. Army
Jim Liddell - U.S. Navy
Bob Wall - U.S. Army
David Upshaw - U.S.A.F.

Class of '64

Danny R. "Rick" Gallier - U. S. Army
Hugh Kelly - U.S.M.C.
Philip Lockhart - U.S.A.F.
Madeline Lutz - U.S.A.F.
Jim McSpadden - U.S.A.F.
Gary Scott - U.S.A.F.
Chester Slay - U. S. Army
George Wiggins - U. S. Army
John Wilson - U.S. Army
Sammy Wilson - U.S.A.F.

Class of '65

James "Mike" Bylsma - U.S.A.F.
Larry Cornet - U.S.Army
Joseph L. Cascio - U.S. Navy
Vester M. Hasson III - U.S.A.F.
Jerry Johnson - U.S.A.F.
Kenneth C. Legendre - U.S. Army
Richard Mabry - U.S.A.F./TANG
Bill Van Nolan - U.S. Navy
Stephen Parham - U.S. Navy
Jimmy Peacock - U.S.A.F.
Haynes Potter Poole U.S. Army
Rodney Rennick - U.S.A.F.
Ralph Robinson - U.S.M.C.
Terry Shaw - U.S. Navy
Jerry Shaw - U.S. M.C.
Bobby Summers - U.S.A.F.
Michael J. Voorhies - U.S.M.C.
John Walters - U.S. Army
James Walker - U.S.M.C.
Rusty Wilson - U.S.M.C.

Class of '66

Michael R. Amy - U.S.A.F.
Mary Davis Chandler - U.S.A.F.
Nancy Collins - U.S.A.F.
Otis Fisher - U.S. Army
Robin Lynn Harvey - U.S. Army
Allen Ozment - U.S.M.C.
Walton Wayne Segree - U.S. Army
Joseph M. Venable - U.S.M.C.
Ottie D. Walker � U.S. Army

Class of '67

Harvey Beasley - U.S. Army
Joseph E. Budd - U.S.M.C.
Chuck Ellis - U.S. Navy
Ben Elliot - U.S M.C.
Pat Hardy - U.S.M.C.
Craig Hodge - U.S. Army
Donald Holton - U. S. Army
Don Hilton - U.S.M.C.
Harold Jones - U. S. Navy
Lewis Leach - U.S.M.C.
John W. Pace - U.S. Army
Tim Parsons - U.S.M..C
Art Shaw - U.S. Navy
Ronald D. Sigur - U.S. Army - Air Corps
Fredrick T. Smith - U.S. Navy
Ronnie Swain - U.S. Army
David Telger - U.S.A.F.S.S.
Tom Thompson - U.S. Navy
James Todd - U. S. Navy
Dennis Winger - U.S. Navy

Class of '68

Michael Barrow - U.S. Navy
Robert Bridgers - U.S.M.C.
Wavelen W. Fielder - U.S.A.F.
Claude Jacks - U.S. Army
Frank Kotlarz - U.S.M.C.
Ken Poirier - U.S.M.C.
Jim Bob Read - U.S. Army
Donald Smart - U.S. Navy
Tommy Webb - U.S.M.C.

Class of '69

Patrick D. Boots - U.S.M.C.
Don Etheridge - U.S. Navy
Lloyd William Ewart - U.S.M.C.
Sammy W. Moffitt - U.S. Army
Ron Shaw - U.S. Navy
Robert E. Sterling Jr. - U.S. Navy
Thomas Wilson - U.S. Army
Ronnie Wright - U.S. Army RVN
Ronnie Yancey - U.S. Army

Class of '70

Randy Allen - U.S.A.F.
Dennis L Boteler - U.S.M.C.
Jim Ferrell Jr. - U.S.A.F.
Tim Hall - U.S.A.F.
Mike McCurley - U.S. Navy
John Henry Read - U.S.M.C.
Wiley Voorhies - U.S. Navy
Michael Wilson - U.S. Army
John Lee Youngblood - U.S. Navy

Class of '71

James Thomas Cates III. - U.S.M.C.
William E. Crutcher - U.S. Army
Charlie Debney - U.S. Army
Charlie Edwards - U.S. Navy
Richard Hegele - U.S.M.C.
Darrell Jackson - U.S. Navy
Freddy G. Richardson - U.S.M.C.
Steve B. Wright - U.S. Army SP4

Class of '72

Charles Booth - U.S.A.F.
Dusty S Cook - U.S. Navy
Douglas Holt - U.S. Navy RET
Kirby Hattox - U.S.A.F.
B.W.(Wes) Hasson - U.S.A.F.
Peggy S. Parnell -
Allen- Davis -- U.S. Navy

Class of '73

Joyce Crutcher Kaufmann - U.S. Navy

Class of '74

Marion P Danna - US Coast Guard
Merita Knapp - U.S. Army
Gerald J. Voorhies - U.S. Navy

Class of '75

Ray Clausen - U.S. Army

Class of '76

Tony Thorne - U.S.Navy

Class of '77

Kevin McNease - U.S. Navy
Sandi Pryne - U.S. Army

Class of '78

Sean Smith - U.S. Navy

Class of '79

James R. Voorhies - U.S. Navy
Lynn Wells - U.S. Army
Russ Witt - U.S.A.F.

Class of '80

Phil Engstrom - U.S.M.C.
Anthony L. Goudeau - U.S. Navy
Kevin Wayne Johnson - U.S.Navy
Matthew Hennigan - U.S.A.F.

Class of '81

Eric Luce - U.S. Navy
Royce E. Phillips - U.S. Navy
Charlie Porter - U.S.M.C.
Mark Roberts - U.S.M.C.
Matt Segur - U.S.N.

Class of '82

John Folmar - U.S.M.C.

Class of '83

Mark S. Renfro - U.S. Navy

Class of '84

James W. McDuffie Jr. - U.S. Army
David Frazier - U.S. Army
Roger Hebert - U.S.M.C.
Jessica Piper - U.S. Navy

Class of '85

Christopher Z. Harris - U.S Army
Peggy Pearson - U.S.M.C.
Eric L. Provo - U.S. Navy

Class of '86

Roy Behannon - U.S.M.C.
Kevin Domingue - U.S.M.C.

*** The above list is for ALL FHS VETERANS..
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard
This is our way of saying THANK YOU !!
If you were in the service please let me know so I can add you to the list

Pictures From Alumni
Send in YOUR Pictures to be posted

~~~ We Shall Not Forget The Price They Paid ~~~

James L. Allen Headquarters, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry US Army. He was killed in action during the battle of Ia Drang Valley, Viet Nam. It's the battle from "We Were Soldiers" starring Mel Gibson. Jimmy's name is listed in the book "We were Soldiers Once ... And Young, written by Lt. Gen. Harold Moore.

Steven Boots - class of '63 - KIA
* was reported to me as KIA, I haven't been able to find any thing on him yet..please help!

** if the name is underlined, it is a link I found about them. Please use the back button to get back to this page. Thank you

For more Information on these Alumni Please visit my new page:
Never Forget

Below is a email I recieved, and thought it deserved to be posted!
Thank you Tim!
Maribeth, I want to thank you for your recognition of the veterans.
Not only those from FHS, but also those from our generation.
Your recognition of those who are currently serving our country,
a generation after us that is making the sacrifice, is so important.
Just a smile, handshake, and a heartfelt THANK YOU is all that is needed.
My heart goes out those who have served our country
and those who have made the ULTIMATE sacrifice,
especially the Greatest Generation that went before us.
I too, get a lump in my throat having seen the Wall,
walking Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C.
and have seen the pictures of the crosses at Normandy, Luxembourg, Iwo Jima,
Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Okinawa, and on and on.
There are so many countless others
lost at sea or have never been accounted for.
They are the men and women
who have made this country the greatest country on earth.
Kindest Regards,
Tim Hall '70 - USAF 1971-1975

The link below is a listing of all U.S. Vietnam War Casualties.
This listing was compiled by Jay Ebert, USAF.
These listings are based on the Home of Record information in the files of the National Archives
Vietnam Casualties by State

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Poems by Palmer Hall
These poems are reproduced from an anthology
of poems and essays dealing with Viet Nam.
Palmer is a Vietnam Veteran who served with the U.S. Army.